Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Converting an Application From Yii2 to Yii3

Converting Yii2 to Yii3

A Minimalist Conversion Example

I’ll admit, I put off playing with Yii 3 for quite a while because I was daunted by the quick peeks into the code base and sample applications. The differences between configuring and bootstrapping a Yii 2 application vs a Yii 3 application are significant. At first glance, the two versions of a base application are completely different. But, once you start digging in, the similarities become apparent and you can start to draw the connections between the Yii 2 methodologies and the Yii 3 counterparts. These are my first impressions and the results of my own investigations thus far. I expect things to continue to evolve as the Yii 3 project advances.

PLEASE NOTE: Yii 3 is *not* yet ready for production release. This blog is an attempt to get more people playing with it and correspondingly, more people involved with providing feedback and assistance in developing and supporting the project. If you are not feeling adventurous, table this project for when there is a stable release and official documentation. Check the Release Cycle for production timelines and updates.